New Meaning to Dressed For Success

The National Coalition for the Homeless reports a dramatic increase in homelessness in the United States over the past two decades. Some two million men, women and children are without a home during the year. Most nights, the only shelter is the clothing on their backs. While that number is significant, consider this: there are more than 28-million children living in low-income families — parents or caregivers who cannot provide adequate nutrition and health care let alone clean under garments, shirts, pants, coats, socks and shoes. Sadly, that number is miniscule when compared to the one billion homeless families worldwide. Re-Entry Global is working tirelessly to eradicate the suffering of the homeless and near homeless by providing quality new and used clothing. We currently deliver a semi-truck of garments every month locally while aiding other operations to facilitate the distribution of clothing globally. Perhaps nothing is more fashionable than giving to those who need it most.



Safety in Numbers

Disasters strike without warning. What’s left in their wake is chaos: lives lost, life-threatening injuries, homelessness, disease, and ill-fated government rescue missions. Hopelessness, however, need not be part of the equation. The Re-Entry Foundation will always continue to cut through the maze of bureaucratic red tape to bring necessary medical supplies, trained medical personnel, psychologists and counselors, awareness and education to victims of earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, and fires all around the globe. Because we’re not bogged down in administrative staff, we’re simply able to do things other organizations cannot. The Re-Entry Foundation is blessed to have people with passion and will that will always continue to push the limits of what is possible.