Completely off the Grid

It begins with the power of God. For in his good hands anything is possible. That includes bringing green, clean energy to the world with zero environmental impact. Energy consumption demands continue to rise at an accelerated rate. According to the EIA, energy consumption is expected to increase 14 percent by 2035 in the U.S. alone. There must be a shift toward efficient and sustainable solar, wind, and renewable fuels. Not just here, but in all countries. At the Re-Entry Foundation, we’re putting leaders in energy technology together with community leaders to help reverse global warming. For our children, for all of humanity, it is our responsibility to care for the health of this planet. Which is why we’re engaged in a number of energy initiatives. The power to make a difference is in our hands.

Waste to Energy

Alpha and Omega, LLP (" AO ") and Upward Group, LLC (“ UG ”) have partnered to create a Strategic Alliance, a new, long-term, sustainable “green energy” business model for the waste and tire-to-energy industry that will convert waste tires and trash that blight our nation into pyro-gas, fuel blend stock, steel, and carbon char. The fuel, gas and oil can be used to generate electricity, blended into transportation fuel, or heating oil, or other uses where applicable. This business model replaces the current unsustainable and long-term unrealistic model currently being used in the nation. In tandem with UG, AO will hold an equity position instead of merely leasing real estate in an entity to implement this new model that (1) transforms the waste and waste tire industry, (2) eliminates up to 100% of the amount of tires being stored or incinerated, (3) produces less air emissions in an eight-hour shift than one automobile's typical daily commute, (4) provides family-wage jobs, and (5) generates significant revenue & profits for its owners/principals/ community.



Opening Doors to Those in Need

For years, the Re-Entry foundation has been working with affiliates around the globe to organize volunteers and coordinate construction of desperately needed facilities such as housing, schools, and hospitals. Today, the Re-Entry Foundation offers a new set of capabilities by supplying building materials to a world in need. With state-of-the-art steel-framed technology, we’re now able to construct five-story buildings — cost effectively — without the need for red steel. We’ll be going into countries afflicted by disaster with equipment and skilled workers to rebuild infrastructure and afford temporary and permanent housing to the homeless and near homeless. Here on U.S. soil, we’ve secured HUD contracts in several major cities and are actively procuring many more. While the efforts of the Re-Entry Foundation can be seen in brick and mortar structures, we prefer to think of what we do as opening opportunities that give individuals and families a better life.

The Housing Structure

Mission: Provide a modular structure that is extremely durable, very easy to assemble/transport, and fully equipped at low cost to purchase
These Shelters arefabricated from high density polyethylene(HDPE) material using close tolerance injection molding. Their basic structure is 12’X12’X9’8”, and when shipped, the unit comes completely operational with interior wall paneling, electrical, lighting, toilet, sink and plumbing. Financial projections are conservatively based on the basic unit selling for $7,980. Due to patent pending clamping mechanism, base unit can be assembled within two hours by unskilled personnel. These units are extremely durable and built to withstand 90+ mph winds.