Making House Calls Globally

In America — this land of opportunity — it’s difficult to fathom that access to adequate, affordable health care is unattainable to so many. Even more startling is the health care inadequacies in developing countries. Whether the need is local or international, the Re-Entry Global Foundation ships containers of hope to the hopeless in the form of medical supplies and equipment. We’re helping establish clinics and hospitals with 21st century surgical rooms. We’re sending doctors, nurses, dentists and specialists where they’re needed. We’re raising money for research and health awareness education. We also have our finger on the pulse of medical breakthroughs to assure advancements in cancer treatments, heart surgery, diabetes treatment, neonatal care, neurology, and orthopedic interventions will be finding their way to even the most remote corners of the earth.



A Word to the Wise

Much of what we do at the Re-Entry Global Foundation is the result of reacting to global events and helping bring hope back into people’s lives. But there is a side to our organization focused solely on the future. The key to solving international challenges rests in the hands of our children. Obtaining a quality education that includes math, science, critical thinking, language, arts and physical education is what every child deserves regardless of where they live and their family’s economic circumstances. We’re making it happen with programs such as our K-12 online school. We’re delivering school supplies, books, and computers. We’re actively shaping curriculums and recruiting qualified teachers. With drive and the determination to mentor and inspire, the Re-Entry Global Foundation will continue to spark the imagination and opening doors for youth in underserved communities worldwide.