Quenching Thirst For Clean, Safe Water

Unsafe drinking water sources and deficient sanitation facilities are a reality for nearly 50% of the world’s developing nations. That’s 2.5 billion people who are subjected to inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services. Poor hygiene practices kill and sicken thousands of children every day, leading to impoverishment and diminished opportunities for thousands more. In the 21st Century, this is simply unacceptable.

The Re-Entry Global Foundation is committed to improving water supplies and sanitation facilities by establishing green, sustainable technologies in third-world countries. An example is the ground breaking technology that converts air to water. Remarkably, there are 380 quadrillion gallons of water in the air at any given time. Through Atmospheric Water Generation, water is released from the air creating a boundless resource with no negative enviornmental impact whatsoever. The Re-Entry Global Foundation also supports the installation and operation of solar-powered water purificatio units. This is just the tip of the iceburg. With your help, we can transform the world's thirst for clean, safe water into tears of joy.



Feeding the Hungry

Eating a healthy, nutritious diet should be an inalienable right. What you’re about to read, however, is a sobering wrong. More than a billion people across the globe are starving. Each and every day some 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. To put that in perspective, that’s one child every five seconds. Most of the poor who battle hunger deal with chronic undernourishment, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. All of which results in stunted growth, weakness, heightened susceptibility to illness, and contributes to mental retardation. Here’s an even more shocking statistic: Over 96-billion pounds of food is thrown away annually in the U.S. alone.

The pangs of hunger are preventable. It begins with making a concerted effort. The Re-Entry Global Foundation ships some 40 semi-trailer loads of food weekly to bring relief to over 300,000 people every month in Southern California alone. The Re-Entry Global Foundation offers logistical and managerial support to hundreds of churches, ministry’s warehouses, food banks, and humanitarian outreach programs. This massive coordinated effort provides nutritious foods to those impacted by war, natural disasters, and human injustice throughout the world. With an impact so deeply felt, it’s not surprising that more than 20% of those supported by the Re-Entry Global Foundation volunteer their support as a way of giving back. Through the efforts of Re-Entry Foundation we can help make a difference everywhere hunger exists. It’s time to right the wrong.